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Ashura Parchment – Issue 18 Interview


Ashura talks about some very personal and life changing experiences like being incarcerated, his experiences in prison, his views on Black Lives Matter and more in this very important interview.

Vaga Milano – Issue 18 Article (Extended Version)


We have uploaded the extended version of our 'Vaga Milano' article from Issue 18 to coincide with our new 'Travel Corridor #1 - Milan' video.

Mark Metzner – Backlands


Hailing from Mannheim in SW Germany we present Mark Metzner's 'Backlands' part with words by Jono Coote.

Latest News

Carhartt WIP Skateboarding – Galleria Continua – Concrete Cathedral


Carhartt WIP collab’d with international art institution Galleria Continua, to celebrate its new, experimental outdoor skate space in Boissy-le-Châtel. This place looks ridiculously fun to skate!

Vans Korea Presents: SONCARINA


Young fella Eugene Choi puts out a powerful part for his introduction to Vans Korea.

Throwback Thursday – Olly Todd – Landscape ‘Portraits’


Style seems a pertinent word for this one.

Bran New – CSC x Fore-Cast x CRV WKD


CSC x Fore-Cast x CRV WKD? Sounds like a right treat to me...

Welcome Skate Store – Emerica ‘Jon Dickson’ Wear Test


Albie Edmonds cruises Horsforth skatepark in the Emerica ‘Jon Dickson’ pro shoe for Welcome Skate Store.

Olly Todd – Static III


Theories of Atlantis have treated us by uploading Olly Todd’s classic part from Static III. Remind yourselves here!

‘PETANQUE’ Promo by Joe Allen


A promo for Joe Allen's upcoming full length Leeds scene video! Featuring plenty of West Yorkshire heads.

Tiago Lemos Skates Indy MiDs | Independent Trucks


Tiago Lemos brings the ruckus while skating the new Indy MiDs.

P2. by Victor Demonte & Augustin Giovanonni


A banging new Parisian edit by filming duo Victor Demonte and Augustin Giovannoni.

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Upcoming Events

Shralp for Ben – Fundraiser


Carl Harling who grew up with Ben Raemers sharing memories for the last 15 years will heading out to the States in August 2019 to cycle from Vancouver to San Francisco in memory of Ben.

Dean Lane Skatepark Fundraiser


Dean Lane Skatepark's unused basketball court could get made into a skate spot and @fix.up_ is on a mission to raise the money to deliver this to the locals. Donate here!

Glasgow Arches DIY – Donate Here!


Help out with the mighty Arches DIY in Glasgow!

Help X-Site Skatepark Survive Coronavirus Closure


Skegness' very own X-Site skatepark have been denied government funding during Covid-19. Click here to help them out!

Save Brooklyn Banks Petition – Sign Here!


Sign the petition here to help save the legendary Brooklyn Banks!

Amanda Perez – WALK TO MARGATE FROM LONDON for Cancer Research


Amanda Perez and pals are walking from London to Margate to raise money for Cancer Research!