Catherine KT Marquis – PINGUIN


Penguins and Catherine Marquis together? Oh yes! Obviously skate terrain and the ideal climate for penguins don’t always line up, so Catherine looked out for our furry fettgan friends and hit up some locations they’re not commonly found in. LA and Barcelona to name a few. Got to spread out these charismatic creatures haven’t ya? Closer to a ditch near Catherine’s home her German Shepherd ‘Quicky’ joined in the sesh to help balance the harmony between humanoids and animals. Thank you Catherine for this part, and thank you to all the animals out there that bring us joy!

Check Catherine’s interview in issue 38 to not necessarily learn about penguins but a lot of other things.

Filmed by: Vern Laird, Christian Pelz, Chris Evers, Andy Salazar, Kevin Martinez, Fiona Wessely + Martina Schweiger

Edited by: Catherine Marquis

Music by: Sorian Filbereisen – PINGUIN