Ben Rowles Physio x Vague – Ankle Sprain Help Guide – Free PDF Download


You may have seen our previous posts and collaborations with The Skateboarding Physiotherapist in the past. Well he’s back under the name Ben Rowles Physio and if you haven’t seen already Ben has a brand new site, featuring interesting and relatable interviews, lifestyle resources, contact details for any physio enquiries and a store where you can purchase his downloadable help guides. You might have downloaded our previous self help guide, which we collab’d on with Ben last year (you can download for free here), well we’ve worked with him again this time we’re bringing you a free downloadable Ankle Sprain Self Help Guide! Read what Ben has to say about it below!


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Ben Rowles Physio: I’ve teamed up with Vague Skate Mag to bring you an Ankle Sprain self help guide for all those out there who have lost track of how many times they have rolled their ankles (myself included). If you’re anything like me, then it may take a lot of ankle tweaks to push you to the point where you want to do something about it. But what if you could do something about it early? Maybe after the first time you roll your ankle, instead of the fifth? Or even as a preventative measure if you have never rolled your ankle before?

Skateboarders always say that they want to skate for as long as they possibly can, so I’ve created this 30-page Ankle Sprain guide with the hope that it may support skateboarders to do just that, to feel empowered and to enjoy skateboarding despite the injuries that come with it. The guide is now available via my store here which includes links to four separate ankle exercise videos, Spotify playlists to listen to while exercising, education on topics like how to ICE a new injury, and much more. Why not check out our FREE Preview guide that you can download below! Please tag us on Insta if you’re carrying out any of the exercises and we will be sure to repost.



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A sneak preview of the Ankle Sprain Help Guide download it here.