NOTE Shop – New Normal – Photo Gallery + INWYF Manchester


Joe Gavin filming Joe Gavin ~ Photo: Reece Leung

NOTE Shop’s very potent full length video ‘New Normal’ premiered on Friday evening and it was highly entertaining throughout, they always put on a helluva show! We have posted a photo gallery of documentations shot during the filming of the video by the ever productive man Joe Gavin… (see above). To top it off we have published our ‘It’s Not Where You’re From: Manchester’ feature from Issue 19 of the mag within this article so while you’re witnessing plenty of Mancunian based heads killing it, you can brush up on your Manc slang too! Scroll down to see more and then you may as well watch the full ‘New Normal’ video again! Slang words by someone who is never going to peck our head… Sam Bottenberg with photography by Ian Williams and Reece Leung.

Sam Bottenburg brings you the words for It’s Not Where You’re From: Manchester’ ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Artwork by: Keanu Robson


Explanation: Something that’s pretty bad

Example: “That kid at the cage is throwing out some pretty heinous benny’s.”


Joe Gavin – Switch Crooked Grind ~ Photo: Reece Leung

As seen on our Vague x Northern Monk Collab Beer


Explanation: An item of clothing that’s uncomfortably too small.

Example: “Joro came in the shop wearing a nice hot meids the other day.”

Nev – Frontside 5-0 Grind ~ Photo: Reece Leung


Explanation: Someone who just won’t stop talking.

Example: “The security at Spinners started chewing my ear off.”

Ricky Davidson – Backside Lipslide ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Joe O’Donnell – Nose Manual Wallride ~ Photo: Ian Williams

As seen in the Photo Gallery of Vague Mag, Issue 12


Explanation: When something’s a little bit mad/crazy.

Example: “The spice heads are going a bit west over there.” 

Ben Grove – Noseslide ~ Photo: Ian Williams


Explanation: The type of guy outside the Tiger-Tiger on Saturday night.

Example:  “That dude over that has a full tribal tat sleeve? What a weapon!”

Joe Gavin – Switch Crooked Grind ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Nev – Backside 5-0 Grind ~ Photo: Ian Williams


Explanation: Letting a fart rip!

Example: “Cinch has been letting off some heinous guff’s in the stockroom.”

Joe Gavin – Switch Ollie ~ Photo: Reece Leung


Explanation: Somethings that’s pretty disgusting.

Example: “I wouldn’t get food from Fresh Bites, it’s pretty angin.”

Ricky Davidson – Frontside Nosebluntslide ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Joe Gavin – Wallie ~ Photo: Reece Leung


Explanation:  Someone who’s a bit of a bell end.

Example: “The bouncer at YES is a bit of a Keith Chief.”


Ben Peel – Heelflip ~ Photo: Reece Leung


Explanation:  Someone who is being extremely annoying (wrecking head).

Example: “Big Sue in the Northern Quarter is pecking my head today.”

Zane Crowther – Backside Wallride ~ Photo: Ian Williams


Explanation:  When you’re heading home.

Example: “Sick session guys, but I’m gonna peel out!”

NOTE Shop – New Normal

Filmed + Edited by: Joe Gavin