DelRokSki – Ben Rowles Physio – A conversation with DRS about alcohol & drugs


Ben Rowles Physio sits down and has a talk with well known Manchester based skateboarding MC: DelRokSki (check his music below). Ben and DRS talk about some important subjects like his personal decisions on alcohol and drugs and how he left them behind and moved forward with his life. He also talks about the support he received from family and friends when it came to changing his lifestyle. Read the full interview here or click the photo of DelRokSki below.

DelRokSki’s newest track with┬áDynamite, 2020.

DRS & Dynamite – Back & Forth (feat. S.P.Y) Official Video

"When you're constantly hung over or coming down from drugs, all your patience and rationality go out the window. My family and music become secondary to "the wave" and skating was none existing at that time. Stopping alcohol and drugs has benefited my family, music, and I'm skating better than ever."

Read the full interview by clicking below