R.I.P. Ben Raemers 1990-2019


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Giddy in LA – Issue 8 (Extended Article)


With the release of GIDDY #10 and the accompanying article in Issue 8 we have decided to put the whole article online! Feast your eyes on some handsome French chaps in LA with lovely words by Val Bauer and photography by Maxime Verret. 

Shekel me not 95%


Shekel me not 95%. A video which was 95% completed until Josh Rose's computer went into meltdown, so instead you have this version for your viewing pleasure. Filmed mostly in Asira Al Shamailya, Jayyous skatepark, the SkateQilya mini ramp in Qalqilya, and various other locations in Palestine whilst volunteering for SkatePal.

Alex Schmidt WKND Professional


Schmitty coming in hot to the pro ranks with another rad concept video with all the WKND trimmings we adore so.

Loveletters Season 10: China


Loveletters Season 10 continues with this episode focussing on the growth of roller planking in China with cameos from Christian Slater...of course.

Adidas Skateboarding – Introducing Daewon x 3MC


Everyone loves a bit of Daewon, deny it and we'll merely laugh unashamedly in your face, ya dig?

Maxi Schaible – Cover Ground_01


New Balance Numeric have release their first part for the 'Cover Ground' series and first up it's Maxi Schaible hitting up plenty of spots in locations such as Frankfurt, Barcelona and Stuttgart.

Rave Skateboards – 153 Rue Du Palais Gallien


Rave Skateboards release this new edit for the folk at Jenkem Mag. The video was filmed entirely in Bordeaux with Alex Richard, Léo Cholet, Fred Plocque Santos and more.

LLSB x CHPO – The Time Is Now


Long Live Southbank and legends CHPO combine to make a collaborative watch. To coincide George Toland made a clip featuring Jeremy Jones, Ryan Gabison, Joel Banner and Lukas Kacevicius.

Hell Yeah


Augustin Giovannoni releases his new video ‘Hell Yeah’ mainly filmed in Paris with Tom O’reilly, Samy Sebaoui, Marca Barbier, William Monerris, Magnus Borderwick, Paul Grund, Jamie Platt and more.

Throwback Thursday – Giddy #01


The first in Romain Batard's hilarious soap opera featuring, as you'd expect, primo skating, filming, editing and directing.

Rags Gang – Comrade


Bear Myles, Henry Gibbs, Cosmo, Faro Phiri, Ryan Price and many more Bristolians in Armon Dabeer's newest edit. In memory of Will Hicks R.I.P. 

A Visual Sound #1: Josh Stewart


Bossman behind Theories of Atlantis and the amazing Static videos: Josh Stewart reveals his favourite stoke inducing skate parts and the ballads used in them.

Patryk Głąbień – Raw Hide


The third section to be uploaded from the Raw Hide video is Patryk Głąbień's. Filmed and Edited by: Marcin Śliwka.

Momento x Journal – Barcelona


The Memento crew hit up Barcelona for this short video for the folks at Journal. See Dougie George, JP Arnold, Moose Tarry and Zane Crowther hit up some Barca spots.



GIDDY #10 is here! See the vertical visuals of their LA trip which was published in Issue 8 of the mag. Put together by our fave Romain Batard!

The VHS Show – Ben Grove


The first episode of The VHS Show has arrived and it's hosted by Nathan Morris and Snoop. Their first guest is the legendary Ben Grove. Ya twistin' ma melon man!