Travel Corridor #1 – Milan


Happy New Year to y’all! We are very proud to present our new video, ‘Travel Corridor #1’ in Milan featuring Harry Lintell, Barney Page, Charlie Munro and Jacopo Carozzi with Justin Biddle coming through with the hype. You may have seen the photos by Reece Leung from the trip in our ‘Vaga Milano’ article in Issue 18, which goes into some of the conspiracy theories regarding Milan’s iconic fashion and design style potentially being inspired by the Northern area of Widnes. Does anyone really know the truth? Captured by Vague fave Quentin Guthrie, we can’t thank him, the riders and the brands who supported us enough for making this trip happen. Also a massive thank you to Milan, Widnes and that waiter who meets you on the canal, we love you all.

Filmed + Edited by: Quentin Guthrie