Vague Issue 18 – Out Now!


Vague Issue 18 is now available from your local SOS, support them during these tough times. If you can’t order from your local you can get hold of a copy via our shop. Tommy May graces this issue’s cover with an ollie to fakie on one of Nottingham’s finest trees shot by Reece Leung with background photography by Jay Johnson and title artwork by Joe Gavin.

Click HERE or the cover spread below to order! We also offer a subscription deal with Issue 18 included in our 2020 deal which you can get hold of here. We’re still shipping worldwide and all orders come with free stickers. Orders will be shipping from 14th December.

Issue 18 features:

Joe Gavin Interview

Jay Johnson Art Interview

Ashura Parchment Interview

An Act of Imagination by Scott Bourne with Todd Bratrud Illustrations

Photo Gallery

Rave Skateboards in Marseille

Sonia Boyce and the skate screen of Digbeth, Birmingham with Lisa O’Hara Illustrations

Vaga Milano

Art Gallery

INWYF: Trick Names with Philip Crook and Greg Conroy Illustrations