Martyn Hill

Throwback Thursday – RWTBarcelona


West Yorks in Barcelona for this week's throwback.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ by Chris Pope (Full Video)


It's finally here after many years of filming Chris Pope has decided to upload his full length independent video ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Watch it in full here!

Hilldogg’s Skeg Hen


Martyn Hill's hen do in Skeggy. Oooo gorgeous that in't it. "Riding on the big dipper!'

Welcome Skate Store – Vans ‘AVE Pro’


Dean Greensmith and Martyn Hill see what those babies can do.

Pads Of Hue – E.P. Release


Pads of Hue aka Will Sheerin releases his first ever E.P. 'Raise It' on vinyl on 15th Feb.

“JUST FILM” – (Full Video + Photo Gallery)


Josh Hallett and the Welcome Skate Store homies have churned out a 14 minute visual banger for you. Featuring the likes of Myles Rushforth, Dale Starkie, George Smith, Mike Clarkson, Blinky, Foz, Tom Zealand and many more.

Throwback Thursday – ALBION Montage 1


In anticipation of the new 'Blips' video we thought it would be timely to dedicate our TBT to one of the documenters of the video...lens legend Kev Parrott. For our TBT we look back at one of his previous projects Albion filmed with Ryan Gray and Morph was released back in 2014.