Throwback Thursday – ALBION Montage 1


In anticipation of the new ‘Blips‘ video we thought it would be timely to dedicate our TBT to one of the documenters of the video…lens legend Kev Parrott. For our TBT we look back at one of his previous projects ALBION filmed with Ryan Gray and Morph was released back in 2014.  Heres the first montage from that video featuring Harry Lintell, Chris Oliver, Joe Gavin, Ben Grove, Mark Baines, Lois Pendlebury, Martyn Hill, Kyron Davis, Jerome Campbell, James Bush, Will Harmon and Gav Coughlan. Reminisce and get hyped for their new video which will no doubt be a belter!

ALBION – Montage 1

Filmed and Edited by: Kev Parrott, Ryan Gray + Morph

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