Throwback Thursday – Death Skateboards Big Push 2006


To celebrate the dope addition of Eddie Belvedere to the Death roster we deemed it necessary to post Death’s 2006 Big Push entry for Document Magazine (RIP) which was kindly uploaded to the world shite web by Toby Bachelor (also responsible for the moving picture documentation).

The Big Push was a yearly competition that highlighted so many positive aspects of the UK skateboarding scene and certainly provokes a healthy dose of nostalgia to many pre-millennials¬†(not that into the word millennials it’s a bit too post modern, pre thought).

The structure of the Death Big Pushes over the years with challenges great (see the Ricky Oyola challenge) and small has always highlighted the intent and admirable qualities this great company has never wavered from.

Rambles aside, watch below for some Death Skateboards choice radness featuring Ben Cundall, Carl Wilson, Dan Cates, Ricky Oyola, Boots, Horsey, Mark Nicolson, Dainton and Kingy on the shred/snaps!

Death Skateboards Big Push 2006 – Part 1

Death Skateboards Big Push 2006 – Part 2

Death Skateboards Big Push 2006 – Part 3