James Cruickshank

Jerome Campbell – Brass Monkey (2011)


When the word style is an understatement. Jerome Campbell from 2011 Sheffield scene video 'Brass Monkey'.

Throwback Thursday – Tarte au Citron – Grey x Converse Cons in Marseille


The Converse CONS squad in the magnificent city of Marseille courtesy of Grey.

SENSIBLES by James Cruickshank


One of Stoke’s finest lensman: Mr Shank produces a magnificent new video ‘SENSIBLES’ filmed on the streets of Paris. Featuring plenty of your faves!

cheeky milan by James Cruickshank


Milan shreddery captured by James Cruickshank.

Afterbang – Photo Gallery


We look back at a bunch of photos shot during the filming of 'AFTERBANG' (2013-2017) showcasing Dom Henry, Joe Gavin, Jerome Campbell, Ben Rowles, Jamie Platt, Jethro Coldwell, Shaun Currie, Joe Paget and Matlok Bennett-Jones.

Throwback Thursday – ‘Please Greg’


Heavy remix of Blobmeister general Gregoire Cuadrado from Converse Cons 'Please Charge'. Boom is understatement!

Jerome Campbell et al – Afterbang: Part Deux


The second installment of James Cruickshank’s ‘Afterbang’ visual delights. See Jerome Campbell, Kyron Davis, Ollie Lock, Remy Taveira, Jamie Platt, Kevin Rodrigues, Vincent Touzery and more!

Dom Henry – Afterbang


James Cruickshank presents 'Afterbang'. See Dom Henry's tekkers with cameos from Joe Gavin and Tony Da Silva!