SENSIBLES by James Cruickshank


One of Stoke’s finest lensman: Mr Shank produces a magnificent new video ‘SENSIBLES’, filmed on the streets of Paris. Featuring plenty of your faves including Vincent Touzery, Roman Gonzalez, Caleb Barnett, Sengo Prévost, Manuel Schenck, Damien Bulle, Aurélien Barcelo, Leo Breuillac, Marca Barbier, Marius Chanut, Troy Gipson, Titi Gormit, Hjalte Hallberg, Julien Kimura, Max Geronzi, Tom O’Reilly, Auguste Bouznad, Jamie Platt, Oski, Gregoire Cuadrado, Ville Wester, Casper Brooker and many, many more! Filmed and edited by James Cruickshank with additional filming by Augustin Giovanonni, Val Ferreira and Ben Chadourne. Deffo give this one a watch for plenty of stoke inducement!

Filmed + Edited by: James Cruickshank
Additional Filming by: Augustin Giovanonni, Val Ferreira + Ben Chadourne