Carve Wicked – Old Skool Nokia (Full length)


CRV-WKD coming through with their first full length video, featuring an array of Dragon legends (and a Danish one).Enjoy the show here!

CRV WKD – CARVE WICKED – Budgie Smugglers


"Everybody Carving Wicked, Everybody do a skate trick!"

Bran New – CSC x Fore-Cast x CRV WKD


CSC x Fore-Cast x CRV WKD? Sounds like a right treat to me...

CRV WKD – Peg The Man


To celebrate the release of the new Carve Wicked wood, the CRV crew have assembled an ensemble of all the fellas that ride their planks for this new edit.

Sam Pulley – Bryn Transition – CRV WKD


Sam Pulley and Harry Deane bring you 'Bryn Transition' (it's how you say 'in transition' in Welsh apparently) where this Newport dragon slays his locals for this rather tidy clip for Carve Wicked!

CRV WKD x FORE-CAST – Tidy Mike’s Magical Danish Adventure


CRV x FORE-CAST in CPH you say? Money baby.

Throwback Thursday – Sam Pulley For Independent Trucks


CRV WKD CEO Sam Pulley dominating the scariest of terrain for Independent trucks. More Welsh please!

CRV WKD Board Launch, Promo & Sam Pulley Interview


CRV WKD Promo to celebrate their board launch and Sam Pulley interview. Skulling Shoeys, Bean Head origins and all manor of things carve related!