Giddy #11 – The Long One


Probably the best video you could ask for during lockdown. Romain Batard delivers Giddy #11 for all you lucky people! See Giddy #10’s article from Issue 8 here if you missed it too and then watch every other Giddy clip here because they always bring the absolute stoke! Featuring all of the usual faces like Edouard Depaz, Val Bauer, Joseph Biais, Lilian Fev, Marca Barbier, Remy Taveira, Alexis Jamet, Hugo Maillard, Samuel Partaix, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Sylvain Tognelli, Max Palmer, Tyrone O’Hanrahan, Mika Germond, JP Villa, Oscar Candon, Morgan Katomba, Leo Cholet, Armand Vaucher and more! Enjoy below!

Filmed and Edited by: Romain Batard

Additionnal filming by: Tim Reinson, Guillaume Perimony, Jacob Harris, Oscar Candon, Remy Taveira