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Giddy #13: Abseiling Down


An Oscar Candon Giddy special from Romain Batard.

Giddy #12: Perros


You read the title correctly, it's a brand new Giddy video! Thank you Romain Batard!

Giddy #11 – The Long One


Probably the best video you could ask for during lockdown. Romain Batard delivers Giddy #11 for all you lucky people! Featuring Edouard Depaz, Val Bauer, Joseph Biais, Lilian Fev, Marca Barbier, Remy Taveira and more!

Giddy in LA – Issue 8 (Extended Article)


With the release of GIDDY #10 and the accompanying article in Issue 8 we have decided to put the whole article online! Feast your eyes on some handsome French chaps in LA with lovely words by Val Bauer and photography by Maxime Verret. 

Throwback Thursday – Giddy #01


The first in Romain Batard's hilarious soap opera featuring, as you'd expect, primo skating, filming, editing and directing.



GIDDY #10 is here! See the vertical visuals of their LA trip which was published in Issue 8 of the mag. Put together by our fave Romain Batard!

Giddy #09


That man Romain Batard is at it again and releases another stellar episode of 'GIDDY'. This episode features Aaron Yant and Duncan Byrnes.

Giddy #08 ‘The Romantic One’


The 8th visual offering from Romain Batard's potent 'Giddy' series. Paris, skateboarding and romance ensues.

Giddy #07


Romain Batard is at it again and releases #07 of his Giddy series. This man never disappoints! Watch here to see Joseph Biais, Rémy Taveira, Alexis Jamet, Edouard Depaz, Conor Charleson, Felipe Bartolome, Mickaël Germond, Joffrey Morel, Oscar Candon and many more French shredders!

Giddy #06


That man Romain Batard releases yet another delightful Giddy edit. Featuring the usual powerful crew as well as appearances from UK heads Denis Lynn, Conor Charleson and Casey Brown.

Giddy #05


Romain Batard presents Giddy #05 another belter edit from the French lej. Featuring Johnny Purcell, Joffrey Morel, Armand Vaucher + Axel Thomas.