Giddy in LA – Issue 8 (Extended Article)


With the release of GIDDY #10 and the accompanying article in Issue 8 we have decided to put the whole article online (plus a few extras)! Feast your eyes below to see some handsome French chaps in LA with lovely words by Val Bauer and photography by Maxime Verret.


If you missed it in print grab a copy of Issue 8 HERE.

Introduction and Words: Val Bauer

Photography: Maxime Verret

Instagram Story Photography: The Giddy Crew


Joseph and myself thought about going to LA together by the end of last year. A quick winter break, just the two of us, skating a bit, getting a couple insta clips. That was our plan. Words spread pretty fast and after a few texts (and e-mails to get our expenses covered of course) we ended up being the twelve best friends ever out there. Shit got pretty hectic (dirty ?) as they say. The comedown has never been so hard. Our WhatsApp group is still going strong as I write. The sure thing is, we all agreed on the fact that this one was our best trip ever. Being away from home in such kind of a bubble is surely what we love to do, I guess.

Lilian Fev, Frontside 50-50 to fakie

Lilian was the youngest on the trip, and took his fair share of shit while it lasted. He’s usually super stressed out while on trips. We can all get that, he’s young and ambitious, sometimes vicious. But it makes it so funny to witness…the thing is that he’s also quite unlucky most of the time too on trips, eating shit, getting sick, sore or both. Anyway he got away with this nice trick only an hour after the trip started at Gardner but didn’t prevent him from eating shit horse-riding a jersey barrier a couple days later.

Remy Taveira, Ride-on Nosegrind

Cambryan Sedlick, 360 flip

We met Cam threw Tolia. He’s from San Diego and only eats veggie burgers when he’s home, In N’ Out or tacos. He’s nineteen but he’s already a grown ass man skating wise (at least). He got this tre flip pretty easily. If you’ve never heard of him before, do yourself a favor and watch his ‘Damaged’ part, you’ll also be able to witness a chilly back three over the same grass. Thanks again for having us, brother.

Joseph Biais, 180 fakie 5-0 revert

Edouard Depaz, 180 Nosegrind 180 In

I love him but he sometimes has trouble with being too nervous and « contracté » as we love to say. He behaved on that trip though and that was perfect. Edouard is really going for it on trips and he’s sick at it. As I told him over there: he could do such a sick video part without being obsessed by his girlfriend and his dog. That kind of three sixty move into the bank is something I always love to see by the way.

Marca Barbier, Kickflip

Val Bauer, Ollie

Me being myself ollieing stuffs. That one was at Gardner too, during our first day there. It’s crazy how weak I am regarding jetlag. I had like shaky legs for no reason and troubled vision. Sick first sesh! That has always been that way to me: taking a plane for more than two hours means feeling like I’ve been skating for six months. The other is just a hole in the ground filled with mud and a tree, can’t really add anything else. I also have to admit that I’ve been pretty dirty on that trip. But I just broke up, you know how that shit goes.

Tolia Titaev, Pole Jam

That one time we saw Tolia skating on that trip. Found that pole jam, got the clip, the picture. Next thing we know: this fool went Dustin Dollin for at least the fourty-eight following hours. We loved it. Oh, we also owe that tank-tops Friday thing, because the day drinking made him buy those goodies for everyone of us.

Joseph Biais, Frontside 50-50

Of course every one of us had the picnic tables size question in our heads. Trying to think about NBD’s we would be able to bring to the table. We’ve went two times to the school during the trip even if Rémy was still anxious after he had never been able to give back his English essay ten years ago which made him also able to focus on back threes ever since. So we went there on the first day, jet-lagged, and the last one too, just before the airport, hungover like springbreakers (at least some of us). Joseph finally landed that one only fourteen minutes before we headed back to the cars. 

Marca Barbier, Backside 5-0 Grind

Witnessing Marca having his first time in the States was one hell of a warming feeling. We all love that dude. He’s so passionate about skating that it makes me wanna write up a contract. Love you Marca. Keep doing you, let’s have more trips together, more suites, even if we don’t share the same shoe sponsor.

Marca Barbier, Phil Zwijsen & Lilian Fev, Trash cans

While I tried not to faint from being jetlagged on the first day, the others wanted their fair share of sunburns straight up and started skating those bumps over trash cans. It’s so good when you think about it: after travelling all those years every one of us is still able to be as excited as we were when we were twelve years old. Oh by the way, sorry Edouard, don’t know if it’s the sunburn or the picture timing but it seems like you did the worst indy ever that day!

Rémy Taveira, Ollie

A few years ago Rémy got a crazy accident while taking his run-up like a mad man when a security guard opened a door at the worst timing, smashing Rémy’s head and leaving him passing out in his own blood. Believe it or not a crazy neighbour almost did it again that day, and we could see him shaking only reminiscing that awful day. Also that thing is really long. Sure he could have pop-shoved it too if that mad lady wouldn’t have been playing with his post-traumatic syndrome.

Idris Jani, Switch Ollie

On that first Sunday we went fully in on the schoolyard seshes. Idris recently just recovered from the very terrifying ACL injury and felt the excitement to be back on his board. Funny fact: He didn’t believe me at first when I told him wax would help us clear all the way around

that curved slappy curb (check the footage to see us fly).

Joseph Biais, Backside Hurricane

Remy Taveira, Polejam Front Board

All stills photography by: Max Verret

GIDDY #10 by Romain Batard

Filmed and Edited by: Romain Batard