‘FONKYFOOTY’ is a new video series supported by Converse CONS filmed by Victor Campillo and Macéo Moreau. Episode 1 was documented around Marseille featuring plenty of our faves including Jerome Sossou, Kevin Ozcan, Thibault Le Nours, Luidgi Gaydu, Armand Vaucher, Théo Meas, Abel Leblanc, Yensi Lama, Antoine Volle, Tim Reinson, Pierre Edouard Grimaud as well as the filmers themselves Victor Campillo and Macéo Moreau. Additional filming by Théo Meas. This ones a belter so check out the first episode below and keep your eyes peeled for more!

Filmed by: Victor Campillo + Macéo Moreau

Additional Filming by: Théo Meas