QUOTA pronounced KWOTA – Quotamine – DIDIER


Enjoy this new 18 minute edit ‘DIDIER’ by the Quotamine crew! Read some words from the Quotamine collective below and then get stoked by watching their new visual delight. Also download DIDIER HERE.


“QUOTA pronounced KWOTA
If you 
refer to a dictionary this is our meaning, a fixed minimum / maximum number of a particular group of people allowed to do something, such as immigrants to enter a country, workers to undertake a job or students to enroll for a course, but we choose our definition.     Remembering where it’s from Quotamine crew was already representing their QUOTA version and we named it QUOTA has been everywhere and anywhere or nowhere,  just a crew of friends expressing themselves in different ways crossing and mixing culture, throughout skateboarding.

Thanks to everyone who put a note of positivity with us lets keep skateboarding interesting.”

Courtesy of Quotamine

Filmed by: Thomas Larive, Miguel Costabel + Nico Cook