Geoff Rowley VS – Vans x Lost Art Gallery + Video


Wednesday 7th August 2019 was a very special day, not just for skateboarding but for an entire city. The Geoff Rowley VS series kicked off in conjunction with the good dudes at Vans and the mighty Lost Art shop, both pillars in skateboarding within their own right. The iconic bombed out church in Liverpool city centre that lost it’s interior but maintained the skeleton exterior of it’s structure during the second world war (where as a dock Liverpool received it’s fair share of air raids) was the magnificent location for this absolutely superb event to take place. Did we mention they built a mini ramp inside of this beautiful structure? Who would have thought 20 years ago anything like this would ever happen? Skateboarding is definitely for the community and strengthens cities.

As well as staple scouse locals and extended Lost art  and Vans family (Hi Denis!), Geoff’s family made it down to celebrate his incomparable input to the skateboarding world, for which I feel has added mountains to this already adored community.

Special thanks to everyone at Vans, Lost Art and the bombed out church who made this event happen, especially Dave Mackey and Geoff himself. Also Christian Hosoi in Liverpool? Go ‘ed la!

Buy the Freedome x Lost art collab board here!

Photography below courtesy of the gorgeous Oliver Birch!

Genuinely cried with pride over this one.

Mini Rampage about to ensue
Denis Lynn back tailing for the box of toys
Dave Mackey and Charlie Birch just being steeze, obvs
Mislead youth, see any family resemblances?
Charlie Birch JR frontside smith grind
Elliot Jago frontside flip
Daryl Dominguez frontside crail
Steve Van Doren la!
Robert Vargas' splendid art
Details son!
And the sign said long haired freaky people...
One quarter of Supreme Super Skate Soldiers
How do you spell steeze?
It's only Christian Hosoi!
Who dat?
Of course!
Rafski and EPMDave
Steeze runs in the family, yes Baxter!
Love always!
Squad gang
Getting geared up
Geoff, his lovely sister and Fez
Merseyside passion
There it is
Never Fakin' always the realest! Paddy rules!
Capital G's in OG!
Crowds laa
Wapo, Geoff and Kynno, all legends!
History son!
Loving it!
H and crewdem!
Box of toys
The mini ramp was golden
Double D
Ol dirty D-Lynn
Signature Rowley beverage, banging!
'Ello la!
Dazza always smashes it
Charles knows his way around a rollerplank
D-Lynn and Kynno, the full Irish - scouse connection
Barry Wong and pals always bring the smiles
Not bad bit of kit ay?
All prepared
There it is
The freedome x Lost Art boards looking tight, tight, yeah!
Thanks so much boys!

Filmed by: Ryan Robinson