PRESTIGE – This Time It’s War (Interview + Full Video)


PRESTIGE… a masterpiece produced by Tony Da Silva (T-T-T-T Tony D). Produced over a decade ago, the video premiered in Manchester around 3 years ago with sound difficulties amongst other things… after that night the video was lost in the void. A lot of people were chasing up Tony D far and wide for the anticipated release of the video. After many years the video was rediscovered on Tony’s computer but would only play on his computer and no other computer in the world. After many attempts of sending the video (too large to send over the internet) via USB, postal delivery and messenger pigeon the video still would not play on any other device. Even the likes of video specialists: Sean Lomax and Josh Hallett tried to convert the video so it was playable on other formats but it felt like it was impossible. Luckily James Cruickshank came to the rescue and managed to produce a remastered version of PRESTIGE (where Shank’s part was upgraded with any tight pant footage removed from his section and replaced by more recent footage). The saga was over and now the video is actually viewable. It’s in two parts… it’s highly recommended to take a break between each part incase you get an overdose of stoke. Part 2 (coming soon) is banned worldwide for obvious reasons, Tony didn’t want too many calls from big film companies pursuing his producing talents and wanted to lay low so we’ve had to provide you with a secret unlisted link. Before you get stuck into Prestige have a read of the interview with Tony Da Silva by conducted Joe Gavin.

Merry Christmas!

Interview by: Joe Gavin

Tell us about Prestige, when did you start it? 

Prestige is at the forefront of skateboard technologies. (Laughs) Prestige is what it is… started off a joke and then around 10 years later it is still a joke. Theres some really good skating in it amongst a lot of decent vibes. I think over the years my vision of what Prest’ actually was changed so many times, you can probably see that in the editing… also I’m Final Cut self taught and had a strictly high as hell editing policy. Ali Drummond named my camera Prestige on a Harmony trip to Porto. And Joe Gavin helped me with art direction and suitably named the vid ‘This Time It’s War’ (laughs).

Your camera has a snapshot feature… did you miss many tricks using it? 

I’m pretty sure we missed multiple tricks using it but one thing is for sure… we got the snapshot! I think the opening clip features a snap and could possibly be the best clip in the whole vid… oh and the Joel Peck crook snapshot… super peng.

Your vid has loads of Youtube vids in it. Whats your fave and talk us through your inspiration for these? Prestige and Youtube grew together side by side so I feel it was just meant to be. Best clips… theres just so many but maybes scouse superman? Or a classic like worlds longest dunk… actually it’s gotta be malabu… actually no defo Bruce Howard (laughs) or Jesus is my friend vid… SO MANY GREAT VIDS.

How long did Prest take to make? Also how long did it take to export and put out? 

It probably took 9 years or so to make and 2 or even 3 years to export and put out (laughs). The prem was a few winters ago. We had a live ying and yang performance and showed the vid in two parts… Sean lomax had to go home to export the second vid cos it wouldn’t work (laughs). More recently my editing kit was struggling… zero space on my Mac, a keyboard that wouldn’t type and it continuously pressed the comma button and a mouse that you had to keep unplugging and plugging back in for the Mac to register it (laughs). I finally exported the vid and the mp4 only worked on my Mac. It honestly still doesn’t make any sense… (laughs) Shank had to help me out in the end and copied the whole Final Cut file and exported it for me. Legend. Obviously working with Shank comes at a price and the final copy I got back didn’t have any tight pants in sight in Shanks part and I’m sure theres a tretch clip of me at the end of the vid too but I was all crendy when we watched it so I can’t even remember (laughs).

25th October 2018 – PRESTIGE USB – Left at NOTE Shop, Manchester for Tony Da Silva to collect and put the video onto. Tony ended up going for  many beers with the yin-yang usb necklace safely around his neck. I think Tony wore the necklace without realising which further delayed the release of PRESTIGE.

15 December 2018 – PRESTIGE received in Leeds almost two months after the USB was dropped in Manchester. USB contained part 1 and 2 of PRESTIGE but the videos played for 10 seconds and then crashed. Another spanner in the works for the PRESTIGE release saga.

What was Ian Rush’s role?

Well we all know Ian Rush is straight up gangsta yeah? It’s so funny, we had a Prestige blog ages ago and the only way to find it is to type “Ian Rush straight up gangsta” into Google (laughs) typing “Prestige blog” or anything that vaguely resembles it doesn’t work (laughs). The blogs still up and also theres a Vimeo account too… I can’t remember how you get on that tho. Theres some early Prestige edits on there… Platt Fields of Dreams, Centerpaedo etc. Some classics (laughs).

Damo’s part is a masterpiece. Talk us though the process of filming a part with such a legend. 

Damo is a massive legend. I think we all knew he’d be having a seriously decent part the minute he asked “should I take my top off?”. During a Rambo type shooting scene in a woodland of Stockport. He’s the most down to do anything dude ever (laughs). The vid wouldn’t be the same without everyone in it but Damo’s something else. Damo gave me full creative control over editing his part too.. .unlike some other parts where they’ve been slightly influenced by the skater (laughs) I think he’s asked me when Prest is coming out every time I’ve seen him since the premiere 3 and a half years ago. Here you go Damo!

Theres rumours of Prestige 2 being completely filmed by drones. Is this true? 

Yes, it’s true. I’ve dabbled with various camera types over the years and a 25 quid drone is loads more fun to film with and the footage actually looks like high 8, no shit… it’s rad. I do also have my official wings and am CAA approved (laughs) there are some nice video titles already being thrown about… ‘Drone Alone’, ‘The Philosophers Drone’, ‘I Have a Drone’, ‘Half Drone’, ‘Air Traffic Control’ (laughs) some great concepts. Good work team (laughs)!

How was it getting Harper and Smolik on board? 

Well we all know Ferg and Harper have got priors… then Grove and Smolik go way back so again, it just happened naturally. The stars aligned and the rest is history. One more thing… This is going out to Tony Hawk… there really isn’t supposed to be any Hawk beef in this vid but when we watched the final version it felt like there was. I officially love Hawk and would like to make that clear.  If you manage to watch Prestige, I hope you enjoy it. If you feel like you want to critisise the vid at all just remember that it wasn’t made for you, but for your mate thats enjoying it… just so we’re clear…..Prest aint for the haters skaters.

Words by Tony Da Silva:

PRESTIGE ‘This Time It’s War’ is a full length feature film that showcases an era of street skating in and around Manchester and is nearly as long as The Lord of the Rings movie… 10 years in the making and over 3 years since it premiered, the Prestige movie has full parts from Mark Kendrick, Tom Day, Joel Peck, Ben Grove & Peter Smolik, Eddie Belvedere, Armarni Rochford, Tyrone O’Hanrahan, Bruce Pouncey, Daniel Carlos Cintra, Mathew Nevitt, Paul Hill, Pablo Aresu, Alex Davies, Sean Lomax, Tony Da Silva, James Cruickshank, Dave Monoghan, Jim Craven, Joe O’Donnell, Ben Rowles, James Gell, Neil Worthington, Marcus Craven, Ben Irvine, Chris Barrett, Nick Stansfield, Alistair Mezbourian, Stu Reynolds, Pablo Carasa, Darren Harper & Fergus Anderson, John Bell, Greg Evans, Jiri Bulin, Ollie Philips, Jay Bebbington, Jay Johnson, Leo MacDonald Oulds, Keanu Robson, Jay Stone, Joe Roberts, Sam Bottenburg, Paddy Golumski, Jethro Coldwell, Charlie O’Donnell, Dom Henry, Joe Gavin, Kevin Eley and Damian Davis plus loads of close friends with parts within parts. Fasten your seatbelt and open your mind… enjoy.

PRESTIGE – This Time It’s War – Part 1

Produced and Directed by: Tony Da Silva

PRESTIGE – This Time It’s War – Part 2

Produced and Directed by: Tony Da Silva