Ain’t no party like a Lost Art party!

Heads from Merseyside and all those who know what’s up ventured to the mighty Useless Wooden Toys Society to celebrate a bonanza offering from Lost Art.

Mackey and Paddy have been working away to present not only a top banana gathering but also, a sploodge of banging new threads and a 10 minute edit from top human and undisputed legend Oli Birch: ‘THATS HOW IT WAS’ to coincide with the release of their new collection of clothing and boards featuring some tasty illustrative work by Rob Mathieson. Also check Issue 2 of our magazine at this Saturday’s London Launch to see more dope illustrative work by Jon Horner for Lost Art’s latest advert.

Check the photos from the night from master lens man and another top, TOP dude Ash Wilson then peep the edit below that for full media dining featuring shredding from a wide variety of top fellas such as Charlie Birch, Will Kinston, Rauiri Jones, Joe McCombe, Ash Wilson, Jake Mitchell, Sam Marsh, Mark Hogan, Vaughan Jones, Guy Jones, Luke Fletcher, Eddie Barker, Corey Bartle-Sanderson, Nick Ganvill, Issac Peltzer, Phil Stevenson, Greg Herbert, Russ Weasel, Fred Lambert, Josh Devine and Matt Broadley. Too much respect for all of those involved, so do what’s right and support someone who gives back to the community we all love! Get yourselves some lovely LA pieces via the links below.


Videography: Oliver Birch

Photography: Ash Wilson (Lookbook + Launch Photos)

Reece Leung (Skate + Incidental Photos)

LA Laa’. ~ Photo: Ash Wilson

Rauiri + Russ reppin’ the new hoods. ~ Photo: Ash Wilson

Will, Charlie + Luke. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Charlie Birch – kicker assisted frontside 5-0. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Raemers, Mackey + Mathieson. ~ Photo: Ash Wilson

Cambarr + VMFJ. ~ Photo: Ash Wilson

Vaughan Jones – frontside tailslide. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Photo: Ash Wilson

Palomino Nick. ~ Photo: Ash Wilson

Oliver + Luke. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Luke Fletcher – backside wallride. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Charlie Birch - backside bluntslides for Junior Adjei. ~ Photo: Ash Wilson
Charlie Birch. ~ Photo: Ash Wilson

Crew deep. ~ Photo: Ash Wilson

Charlie Birch – kicker assisted frontside smith. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Jake Mitchell + Junior Adjei. ~ Photo: Ash Wilson
Nighttime no-comply. ~ Photo: Ash Wilson
Vaughan Jones - tall backside noseslide. ~ Photo: Reece Leung
Photo: Reece Leung

LoSt ArT – ‘THATS HOW IT WAS’ Online Video Premiere

Filmed and Edited by: Oliver Birch

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