Throwback Thursday – Lost Art Barcelona Trip (Photo Gallery + Video)


To celebrate the marvellous skate institution that is Lost Art we thought we’d post the Barcelona trip from abaa 6 years prior. There was a full write up on their blog many moons ago by some sound twerp which is probably banging, and unless you can find it and prove otherwise it was. Mainly because the crew was incredible. The likes of Chewy Cannon, Karim Bakhtaoui, Tom Harrison, Jerome Campbell, Chris Jones, Vaughan Jones, sen, Tom Tanner, Leo Sharp, Ryan Rebotis, Evs, Oliver Birch, Charlie Birch, Ash Wilson, Dave Mackey, Leo Sharp, Morph! Lots of laughs and eternal love for Lost Art. Dave Mackey you’ve done something really fucking special.

LA CREW. ~ Photo: Leo Sharp

Karim Bakhtaoui – nollie. ~ Photo: Leo Sharp

Tom Harrison – 50-50 transfer. ~ Photo: Leo Sharp

Jerome Campbell – backside tailslide. ~ Photo: Leo Sharp

Filmed by the boys. Edited by Oliver Birch