FORE-CAST Intl. – Barca Hols Before the Plandemic – Video + Photo Article


The FORE-CAST Intl. fellas jumped on an EasyJet flight early February to Barcelona for some winter sun… pre-quarantine. Featuring Tom Bailey, Ben ‘Bummo’ Morris, Ryan ‘Clev’ Price, Will Mix, Sam Pulley, Frankie Darby, Ollie Josty, Danger Rob, James Collins and tour guide Adam Keys. All filmed by bossman Tidy Mike! See some photos below from James Collins and Craig Dodds, then enjoy the full video!


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Words: Frankie Darby

Photography: James Collins + Craig Dodds

Videography: Tidy Mike

Sam Pulley – frontside invert ~ Photo: James Collins

The thought of European skate trip seems like a distant memory amidst the current Covid-19 lockdown. Though the anticipation for future trips makes quarantine somewhat more bearable.

Ryan ‘Clev’ Price – frontside boneless ~ Photo: James Collins

I met the crew at our Airbnb, only one dragon missed the flight; Bailey caught us up the following morning. I was greeted by stories of Bummo leaving his board and bag on the runway before take-off, after he went down with a suspicious illness inflicted from inducing one of Tidy Mike’s special chocolates, in a game of Russian roulette with Clev and Will Mux.

Will Mux – pop shuv-it ~ Photo: James Collins

Luckily an air-hostess understood his distress was kind enough to look after them for him, while he used his beanie to shield himself from the outside world. After catching up, our tour guide Adam Keys arrived and we hit some classic Barcelona street spots, followed by an evening session at Marbella.

Tom Bailey – frontside smith grind ~ Photo: James Collins

The next morning, we were blessed with perfect blue skies for Will’s Birthday. James Collins awoke infected with a case of ganja lung. We prepared ourselves for the day using Ollie Josty’s massage pistol, then headed for Caribu DIY.

Frankie Darby – wallride grab to fakie ~ Photo: James Collins

We spent the day admiring the Spanish concrete, then the session was followed by one of Europe’s best hill bombs. Which for Clev, was brought abruptly to an end by the Spanish ‘cattle grid’ style of skate stopper.

Adam Keys – frontside bluntslide ~ Photo: James Collins

Our second DIY day was spent at Spotter, where we were joined by Rancid Harry, Jack Thompson and Danny Wainwright. We were welcomed by the godmother of Spotter with glasses of champagne and spent the day skating with Dead Dave’s clone.

Ben ‘Bummo’ Morris – slasher ~ Photo: James Collins

Viscous rumours of Tidy whiteying (yet to be confirmed) were beginning to reach the UK, leading to an influx of propaganda produced by the infamous wolf. Many of the crew had experienced the wrath of the wolf themselves and were able to provide moral support. Though, there were suspicions that our tour guide may have been feeding the wolf with information.

Sam Pulley – front blunt ~ Photo: James Collins

Danger Rob was awarded MVP of the trip for his heroic attempts at tre flipping a 7 set, after spending the day chasing AK around Bobila. After sticking it first try, Danger was unrightfully robbed of the tre flip by a snapped board. The attempts can be seen on the Fore-Cast Instagram. We celebrated that evening with dinner at Bishmillah, a staple for every skateboarder visiting Barcelona.

Tom Bailey – tailblock ~ Photo: James Collins

In spite of the rumours, Tidy managed to get hold of some brownies and offered one to James Collins. James Collins, unaware of what he was getting himself into, accepted the offer and was sent into a downwards spiral of confusion. Later that night after most of us had been trying to dance the salsa, we left the club to find him statued alone outside, staring into the depths of the night.

Will Mux – frontside air ~ Photo: James Collins

Hungover from the night before, our crew was divided on the last day. I found myself with Tidy, Clev and James Collins, on quest for tacos and micheladas with Barcelona resident El Gaunto. El Gaunto took us to a freshly built pump track. Clev, hyped from a quick rollaround, told us of a spot he had always wanted to get a trick on. With daylight running out, armed with an iPhone, we tracked down the spot. Clev got his trick and we spent the rest of the evening enjoying Estrellas, Haribo and Puta Breath, looking over the city from the bunkers.

Bossman Tidy Mike ~ Photo: James Collins

We left our apartment in a stench of socks, stale beer and weed, along with amountain of cans, though our host reviewed us as ‘the perfect guests’. Our flight back to Bristol had been delayed due heavy storms in the UK and I found myself lost from the rest of the crew in the airport. When reunited, I found Clev with his head in his hands in a state of disarray. Tidy strikes again!

Sam Pulley – frontside tailgrab ~ Photo: Craig Dodds

FORE-CAST Intl. – Barca Hols Before the Plandemic – Video + Photo Article

Filmed and Edited by: Tidy Mike