The Search for the Pegged Wolf – CSC x Fore-Cast Intl.


Cardiff Skateboard Club x Fore-Cast Intl. bring you their latest experience (after the most recent Vans Shop Riot in Manchester) where they went on a quest to find the Pegged Wolf. The naive and brave warriors included: Jake Collins, Charlie Birch, Billy Trick, Sam Pulley, Kevin ‘Passion’ Barry, Tom Bailey, Conor Charleson, PJ, Lloyd Houston, Jasper Clough, Frankie Darby, Keen Will, Alfie Warin and Josh Gislingham. All documented by Tidy Mike, Harry Deane and Mike Ridout.

Artwork by: Lee Bennett

The Search for the Pegged Wolf – Cardiff Skateboard Club x Fore-Cast Intl.


Words: Mike Ridout

Many men have gone seeking the elusive Pegged Wolf throughout history, none however have successfully managed to capture the beast and come home with the footage alive. Kinda like Bigfoot or that time a tree fell without making a sound.

Triple Peg – Billy Trick, Conor Charleson + Tom Bailey ~ Photo: Mike Ridout

Billy Trick – backside smith grind ~ Photo: Mike Ridout

After field reports of Pegged Wolf sightings in Manchester, Liverpool and North Wales, this new group of misfits – Dragons, Englishmuns and one stowaway Scouse obtained funding from the Cardiff Skateboard Club accounts department to go searching for the Pegged Wolf.

Keen Will - frontside nosebluntslide
Alfie Warin - backside bluntslide
Keen Will - backside boneless
Deane and Collins

Photos: Mike Ridout

The brave lads included CSC’s own crew van of Kevin Barry, Billy Trick, Jake Collins, Tom Bailey, Conor Charleson, PJ, and Lloyd Houston, with Harry Deane wielding the HD canon and Diesel Mike slamming the shop card on Stella’s and using a house to stop the van.

Jake Collins – frontside wallride ~ Photo: Mike Ridout

Sam Pulley – frontside tailslide ~ Photo: Mike Ridout

Accompanying these boyos was turbo Dragon legend Tidy Mike of Fore-Cast fame driving his VW Tuck Shop with Frankie Darby, Sam Pulley, Josh Gislingham, Alfie Warin, MVP Keen Will and Charlie Birch tooled up with a BB gun.

Boyos 2.0!
Rob's bowl
Frankie Darby havin' it
Yes Frankie
Lloyd Houston
Keen William
Charlie BBirch
Free Billy
Gut soldier
Speed camp

Photos: Tom Bailey

Seeking the Pegged Wolf, these boys found what they came for and returned with even more than they wished for, with some massive help from CSC’s Jim’O, Oli Birch at Lost Art, Ash Wilson, North Wales crew Yannick, Jasper, Guto, Danny & Rob Essex for the all the hospitality and totally hooking everything up for us during our quest.

Alfie Warin – frontside 5-0 ~ Photo: Mike Ridout

Jake Collins – door wallie ~ Photo: Mike Ridout

If you think you’re brave enough to find the Pegged Wolf, send your CV on the back of a tenner to the usual address and we’ll see if you can cut the mustard. And if you can’t cut the mustard at least lick the knife.

Bloody legends
Pulley + Tidy
Keen spill
Wolverkeen at New Bird
CSC x Lost Art
Multi tasking
The Tidiest
Charlie says learn your 2 n' half times table
Speed largs
Swift fellas
Billy boy
Money baby
Where the magic happens
Lantern of Gods
Beers in the car
Boyos 3.0
Pegged Wolf bait
Legends x 100

Photos: Harry Deane

Jake Collins for Fore-Cast Intl. ~ Photo: Mike Ridout

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The Search for the Pegged Wolf – Cardiff Skateboard Club x Fore-Cast Intl.