Subliminal Sleep


Zane Crowther has churned out 30 mins of banging Brighton shredding documented over the last 2 years! See what he had to say below:

“Subliminal Sleep is a film shot between 2016/18 documenting Brighton’s scene and the individuals who have been imbedded within it for most of their lives. Brighton’s streets and architecture are old, rugged and easy to overlook but contain their own identity and aesthetic. This also goes for the incredible selection of personalities who have been dedicated and enthusiastic to work on this project. This film shows off the variety and pure individuality of Brighton and its skate scene. Featuring Dougie George, Dan Fisher-Eustance, Harrison Woolgar, Oscar Borenius, Ellis Gardiner, Jake Taylor-Doyle, Max Freshney, Jp Arnold, Noah Tappenden, Tyrell Martin, Archie Hyde, Chema Molero, Moose Tarry, Florian Alarcon, Dan Reynolds, Alex Baron, Henry Bailey and many more.”


See a few photos by Henry Bailey below then watch the full video!

Ellis Gardiner – ollie. ~ Photo: Henry Bailey

Ellis Gardiner – no-comply. ~ Photo: Henry Bailey

Harrison Woolgar – firecracker. ~ Photo: Henry Bailey

Dan Fisher-Eustance – kickflip. ~ Photo: Henry Bailey

Filmed and Edited by: Zane Crowther