The fellas of OWL (Orwellian World Landscape) Skateboards have released a new video offering ‘CIRCADIAN’ filmed predominantly in Brighton across the first half of 2018.

Words from Al Hodgson: “The edit’s premise is to be 50% day and 50% night footage as a reference to the circadian rhythm sleep-wake cycle. This cycle however, was completely disrupted in our own bodies; spending countless late nights scouring Brightons cracked pavements trying to film for the video. So we hope it was worth it, because now I really need some sleep…”

Featuring: Louis Rose-Antoine Rupert, Rose-Antoine, ​Al Hodgson​, Ellis Gardiner​, Ed Pooley​, Ben Woodhouse​, Dexter Daniels, Zane Crowther​, Moose Tarry, James Griffiths and Harrison Woolgar. See their 9 minute video piece below accompanied by some photos by James Griffiths, Al Hodgson and Henry Bailey.

Videography: Al Hodgson

Photography: James Griffiths, Al Hodgson + Henry Bailey

Dexter Daniels. ~ Photo: Al Hodgson

Al Hodgson – switch frontside noseslide. ~ Photo: Henry Bailey

Moose Tarry. ~ Photo: Al Hodgson

Dexter Daniels – switch crook. ~ Photo: Henry Bailey

Ed Pooley. ~ Photo: Al Hodgson

Ellis Gardiner – backside smith. ~ Photo: Henry Bailey

James Griffiths. ~ Photo: Al Hodgson

Moose Tarry – crooked grind. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

OWL Skateboards – CIRCADIAN – Filmed by Al Hodgson

Filmed and Edited by: Al Hodgson