Solo Cose Easy – Milano Centrale – Episode 2


We’re hyped to present the second episode of ‘Solo Cose Easy‘, a new series filmed by the much travelled Nico Tavella who treats us to his documentations from various parts of the world. This time it’s filmed mostly at Milano Centrale and surrounding areas. Featuring plenty of the Centrale homies including: Agustin Paschetta, Emanuele, Mattia Turco, Nico Bromo, Alessandro Cesario, Nicoló Giovannoni, Asokkumar Sudarshan, Nicola Giordano, Jeremy Knott, Gonzalo, Andrea Dupre, Jade Mendoza, Domenico Detta, Simon Frazzetto, Marco Giordano, Gabriele Consoli, Carlo Schievano, Niño, Davide Cotti, Ruben Spelta, Oskar, Giacomo Affede and many more! Get watching below and if you missed episode one you can watch here.

Filmed & Edited by: Nico Tavella

Additional Filming by: Ganginternational & Edoardo Galetti