Solo Cose Easy – Tully West Forever – Episode 1


We’re hyped to present our first episode of ‘Solo Cose Easy’, a new series filmed by the much travelled Nico Tavella who treats us to his documentations from various parts of the world. First up is a Melbourne edit filmed between 2019-2020 dedicated to Tully West. Featuring: Bol, Seath Slute Boy, Digby Luxton, Gabriel Summers, Raph Langslow, Cade Wilson Russ, Louis Judd, Two Meals, Simon Frazzetto, Quade Baker, Pat Robertson, Shaun Paul, Zach Wheeler, Tully West and Eli Wolf.

Nico tells us more about this episode: “This first episode was filmed during a very hard time going on in Melbourne, with the loss of two good friends at the beginning of Covid-19 along with all of the lockdown rules. The hardest part about it was to get the motivation to go film and have fun like before, avoiding cops and restrictions in a situation never lived before. Solo Cose Easy (Only Easy Stuff) was born with the idea of getting good tricks without planning anything, neither spots or tricks, just go with the flow of the day and just skate.



Filmed & Edited by: Nico Tavella