Lios Mor


Lios Mor: A video by fellow Cumbrian Alex Appleby who moved from Leeds to Glasgow in 2017. Since residing in Glasgow Alex has been filming constantly and has managed to produce a 10 minute belter of the video!  Lios Mor was 99.5% filmed on the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh (0.5% Manchester). Featuring: Ewen Bower, 3 old friends, Jack McCallum, Charlie Myatt, Daniel Nicholas, Alex Appleby, 2 scallys with a box of fireworks, Fiona the fish, a pint mirage, Shaun Allison, Graham Anderson, Adam Logan, Keith Allan, Rory Muirhead, Ross Zajac, Ben Kermode, Owen Godbert, Andy White, Ruari Britee-Steer, Aaron Wilmot, Tom Shimmin, a shedload of fitness fanatics and a very unfortunate pigeon.

Filmed and Edited by: Alex Appleby