Down Low


We’re proud to present ‘Down Low’ a new video filmed predominantly in Manchester by Viktor Kretsis with support from the fine folk at NOTE Shop.

Featuring: Harry Lintell, Andy Davidson, Shaun Wilkinson, Seb Batty, Nick Glanvill, Phil Stevenson, Adam Kus, Aleksander Zurawski, Kizzy Yuill, Patrick Crich, Jiri Bulin, Sam Mason, Lewis Threadgold, Zach Williams, Josh Bentley, Harry King, Mani Haddon, Keiyu Lin, Patrick Merryfield, Ricky Davidson, Leo Turner, Armarni Rochford, Connie Gascoyne, Joe Gavin and Josh Jordan.

We ran a video feature on ‘Down Low’ in Issue 28, we’ve uploaded this article online here for your viewing pleasure. Have a read then watch ‘Down Low’ below!

Filmed + Edited by: Viktor Kretsis

Additional Filming by: Lucien Parsons

Supported by: NOTE Shop