Dan Peindl – ‘SLAG’ Video Part – Radio x Environs


We’re proud to present you Dan Peindl’s crust filled part from ‘SLAG’, a new video release by Pittsburgh’s Radio Skateshop and Environs. To coincide with this part drop Mike Koroczynsky interviewed filmers Eric Calfo and Justin Funk on their new video offering featuring one helluva line up. Have a read here and enjoy Dan’s part below! Check back here for more parts from this belter video dropping on the site over the next couple of weeks.  

Get the DVD here!

Filmed by: Eric Calfo & Justin Funk

Get the DVD here!

Eric Calfo: “Dan is constantly lurking every inch of Pittsburgh, seeking out the most unique and unconventional spots that fit the aesthetic. It’s safe to say this guy has a serious addiction to crust! Watch here as he puts them all to the test. You’re in for a bumpy ride.”