Corner Store – RWTB Section


Jono Coote presents us with the RWTB section from his full length video ‘Corner Store’ which was rumoured to be filmed fully by Jono’s geggs and or a potato. Watch the part full of RWTB heads including: Sam ‘Blinky’ Hutchinson, Lois Pendlebury, Guy Jones, Jordan Kaye, Lee Rozee, Doug McLaughlan, Fraser Doughty, Nathan Wood, Alex Appleby, Joe Howard and Dean Greensmith shredding Leeds’ crustiest hillbombs, Hyde Park, Stockwell, Elephant and Castle, Hastings, Tottenham DIY, Victoria Park and many more savage spots.


For a copy of the DVD grab one via Jono by clicking HERE!!!

Jono Coote words: 

Corner Store – RWTB Tempo Riddim Remix

“Not so much a remix, as this was actually the original song I was going to use for the RWTB section of Corner Store. I ended up changing half the soundtrack to the video including this part because their was a Serious Sam Barrett track that A) worked perfectly and B) added to the RWTB-ness of the whole section, but was still quite stoked on this edit and didn’t want to just consign it to my recycle bin. Filmed mostly in Leeds or London when people were staying at mine or I was crashing up there, there’s also a touch of Hastings from a brief mission down there in the spring and a clip from Clifton where it was so hot that only me and Dean could handle being out of the shade for any length of time. Leeds is the important bit though (despite the offies there being mad expensive, six quid for a four pack? Fuck me, a taste of Thatcher’s Britain in every can.) – big up cobbled hill bombs, big up the Brudenell, if you ain’t rolling with the boys you best be rolling something! RIP Needleside, The Joint and The Dustbowl.”

Filmed and Edited by: Jono Coote

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