RWTB CPH – Photos + Video


Josh Rose treats us with his documentations while out in CPH with the RWTB crew (who you might have seen in ‘Skum Bananer’ a few weeks ago, see below). Witness J.Rose’s perspective for some rad photos and a belter 7 minute video of the lads.

Photography: Josh Rose

Laurie O'Hara. Scroll>
Pope + Blinky's Tent. Scroll>
James 'Foz' Foster. Scroll>
Joe Howard. Scroll>
Nathan Wood. Scroll>
Jordan Kaye. Scroll>
Adam Jeffreson. Scroll>

Joe Howard – frontside slash

Joe Howard – frontside ollie

King Pope

Nathan Wood – frontside air the hip


Featuring the whole RWTB Crew: James ‘Foz’ Foster, Josh Rose, Blinky, Joe Howard, Jordan Kaye, Chris Pope, Felix, Laurie O’Hara, Nathan Wood + Adam Jeffreson.

Filmed and Edited by Josh Rose