Welcome Skate Store’s 7th Birthday Jam


The legends at Welcome Skate Store celebrated their 7th Birthday by hosting a jam at Hyde Park, Leeds which attracted tons of people from the surrounding areas of West Yorkshire. The day consisted of different jams on multiple obstacles around the park sponsored by the following hook ups: Polar: wallie event (wallie built by Martyn Hill), DC: The Tiago Lemos challenge on the high block, Thrasher: Sub-box jam and Vans: the hip jam.

Cash and prizes were thrown at people throughout the day, see below for some photos and an edit featuring: Dean Greensmith, Blinky, Victor Mputu, Mike Clarkson, George Smith, Joe Howard, Gareth Andrews, Will Sheerin, Ricky Davidson, James ‘Foz’ Foster, Liam Hobson, Neil Worthington and many more. The madness of the day was finished up with a boozy one at Headrow House. Heres to many more years of Welcome Skate Store.

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Photography: Reece Leung

Videography: Chris Pope

Joe Howard + George Smith – passionate Yorkshire wallie

Gareth Andrews – frontside smith grind

Foz – quarter to quarter frontside tailslide

Dean Greensmith – one foot

Victor Mputu approaching

Victor Mputu – kickflip

Blinky – backside boneless

Martyn Hill + Dr. Tre

Martyn Hill – no comply

Ricky Davidson – frontside nosegrind pop out to bank

Fathead on the mic. Scroll >
Fathead - horns wallie

Mike Clarkson – switch wallie

Will Sheerin + George Smith

Will Sheerin – switch backside kickflip

Liam Hobson – switch heelflip 5-0




Gareth Andrews - switch backside 180 wallie. Scroll >
Gareth Andrews - switch frontside 180 wallie. Scroll >
Gareth Andrews - Bart Simpson wallie. Scroll >

Foz + Buddy

Foz – backside tailslide

Mike Clarkson – frontside pop shove nosestall

Foz – switch kickflip

Chris Pope

Neil Worthington – nollie cab flip

Victor Mputu – switch heelflip

Ricky Davidson – backside nosegrind pop out to bank

Dale Starkie + Blinky

Blinky – wallie cannonball

Victor Mputu – fakie kickflip fakie nosegrind

Mike Clarkson – heelflip indy

Dean Greensmith – indy air

Welcome Skate Store’s 7th Birthday Jam edit

Filmed and Edited by: Chris Pope