Throwback Thursday – Bristol’s Finest (Full Video)


After watching Skateboard Cafe’s newest video offering ‘Impressions‘ we got reminded of how long the Cafe crew and Bristol heads have been killing it for. For this week we look back to a belter of a Bristol scene video ‘Bristol’s Finest’ from 2010 courtesy of Fifty Fifty Store, Bristol in Bloom and Skateboard Cafe. The amount of talent in one city was ridiculous back then (and still is). Featuring Korahn Gayle, Layth Sami, Dan Wileman, Paul Carter, Harry Ogilvie, Josh Arnott, Mark Pritchard, Rich Smith and brother Bill Smith, Andy Makepeace, Dylan Hughes, Louis Marshall, Flynn Trotman, Owen Hopkins, Matt Williams, Tom Gibbs, Dave Snaddon, Nicky Howells, Jess Young, Zak Pitter, Justin Sydenham, Will Ainley, Danny Wainwright, Ashley Skidmore, Ashton Launcherley (forever), Pat Garrahy, Jack Thompson, Chris Jones, Barney Page, Chris Oliver, Andy Coleman, Louis Gane, Tristan Bonnet, Ben Minors, Jason Lewer, James Guthrie and many more! Watch half an hour of top notch Bristolian shredding below!

In Memory of Tareree Shimi

Filmed by: George Nevin, Louis Gane, Rich Smith, James Gutherie + Ciaran O’Connor

Edited by: Louis Gane, George Nevin + Rich Smith