Fifty Fifty Lloyds Jam 2019 – Video + Photo Gallery


Lloyds is a legendary Bristolian spot which always hosts some amazing events. It’s that time of the year and the fellas at Fifty Fifty Store held a jam down there be it rain or shine! Product prizes were kindly donated by Fifty Fifty, Skateboard Cafe and Polar Skate Co via KEEN Dist. See what the Fifty Fifty folks got upto with words provided below by Justin Sydenham. See photos provided by James Griffiths and a video put together by Tidy Mike featuring many Bristolians and Welsh legends such as Dylan Hughes, Ollie Lock, Jake Collins, Bear Myles, Keen Will, Jord Lightowler, George Hills and much much more!


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Photography: James Griffiths

Videography: Tidy Mike

Words: Justin Sydenham

“As part of the Skiddle 2 day Bristol take over Fifty Fifty were invited to host an Open Skate Jam , which we selected Our beloved ‘Lloyds’ for this one, which we knew was a bit risky at the start of March but went for it anyway! As expected we set up and it absolutely pissed it down and everyone took shelter and we put some prizes up for the 1st person to come back with multiple kitchen towels and a broom. We then took to drying it out as much as possible , which didn’t seem to bother a few folk who went on setting up a rail down the wet big 3 and it kicked off with some absolute carnage on the infamous spot and our kicker. Thanks to everyone who braved the elements and attended this one, Skateboard Cafe and Polar Skate Co for the prizes. Daddy G , Bash Money and Awon 78 for spinning tunes in the freezing cold with slip mats flying everywhere at the event and afterparty. Until the next installment of Bristol Madness!”

Lloyds soggy crew. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Photos: James Griffiths

Ben Bowman – wet varial heel. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Dylan Hughes – 360 flip tailgrab. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Keen Will – boardslide in the moistness. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Ollie Lock – pop shuv it tailgrab. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Jake Collins – heelflip indy. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

George Hills – Judo. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Jord Lightowler – shifty. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Dylan Hughes – frontside kickflip. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Tom Kinman – melon. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Ollie Lock – hippy jump. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Sol Pollet. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Bear Myles – double grab ski jump. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Jake Collins – one foot. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Ollie Lock – pop shuv it. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Dylan Hughes – switch 360 flip. ~ Photo: James Griffiths


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Fifty Fifty – Jump Ramp Invational 2019 – by Tidy Mike

Filmed and Edited by: Tidy Mike