Go Bong Lording Day – Bristol GSD (Video + Photo Gallery)


The Bristolians know how to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. Fifty Fifty Store hosted it at the concrete pump track with Tidy Mike documenting on his VX and Griff shooting while bevvied. See below for some words by Fifty Fifty’s Justin Sydenham!

Photography: James Griffiths

Videography: Tidy Mike

Words: Justin Sydenham

The humps. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

This Years Bristol Go Skateboarding day we once again teamed up with the good guys at DC and ascended on to our beloved Hotwells Pumptrack for an evening of carnage!

Frankie Darby - Last Year's Winner. ~ Photo: James Griffiths
In the bushes! ~ Photo: James Griffiths
Tidy Mike <3. ~ Photo: James Griffiths.
Last Man Standing Deathrace. ~ Photo: James Griffiths.
One down. ~ Photo: James Griffiths.
Last Man Standing Deathrace. ~ Photo: James Griffiths.
Last Man Standing Deathrace. ~ Photo: James Griffiths.

The pump track jam consisted of: ‘Fastest lap’, in ‘Regular + Switch’ and a ‘Winner Stays On Deathrace’ which we had to call when it got down to 2 people who seemed to have insane amounts of stamina and did 20 plus laps so they were crowned joint champions…God knows how they managed that many!

Pat Merryfield – melon over the gap. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Pete Carron – 360 flip. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Pat Merryfield – no-comply. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Simi – boneless. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Pat Merryfield – early grab. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

There was a ‘best trick’ on many different whoops and berms which saw many dope tricks go down!

Cosmo Carve. ~ Photo: James Griffiths
Tom Kinman. ~ Photo: James Griffiths
Pete Carron. ~ Photo: James Griffiths
DLH. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Then we made the ‘MON Ramp’ which consisted of some drift wood lying around and as many mons as it took to hold it for each make shift obstacle it made.

Pete Carron – wallie assisted by Joe Habgood. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Needless to say everyone went mental…just watch what Tidy Mike s VX captured on the video below!

Jordan Lightowler – human ramp. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Griff’s selection of fine snaps (when not flying around the track in switch) also caught what happened!

Pete Carron - Brexit bail. ~ Photo: James Griffiths
Pete Carron - Brexit aftermath. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Thanks a lot for everyone who made it, hangout, took part, heckled and big thanks to Joe Habgood for his outstanding megaphone skills, Tidy Mike for capturing the carnage with his trusty VX, Griff for shooting the flix and DC for the cash and products!

Pete Carron - ollie ride on. ~ Photo: James Griffiths
Pete Carron - ollie ride on. ~ Photo: James Griffiths

Last and not least obviously all the Fifty Fifty familia for pitching in with it!

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Tidy Mike’s edit from Bong Lording Day 2018 – Fifty Fifty x DC Shoes


Filmed and Edited by: Tidy Mike

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