The Moose Video


Dorset’s Moose Skate Shop release their full length video with it’s own original soundtrack might we add! Featuring Charlie Usher, Kane, Celso Faria, Tommy Fachiri, Alfie Mills, Ashley Taylor, Jake Randall, James Yorke-Saville, Luke prowled, Simon Turner, Nick Porter, James Pearce, Louie Frett, Jacob Malt, Tom Woodroffe, Flynn Acworth, Nic Roussel, Darwin Cranium, max Smith, Elian Salomon, Barney Hayter, Benjamin Rafferty, Bailie King, Bobby Mosquera, Nathan Prout, Sean Whitney and Harrison Alcock. See all these homies shred the streets of Dorset, Bournemouth and more below. All chopped and screwed by Darwin Cranium between 2017-2020. Watch it below and show Moose some support here.

Filmed by: Darwin Cranium

Additional Filming by: James Pearce, Charlie Usher + Danny Bulmer

OST Produced by Come True Records ‘Heaven’ – Written and Performed by The Wesley Bennet Band

Intro Animation – Mudra Creates