OG.2000 – WAF


The very potent new edit by the OG.2000 crew ‘WAF’ is dedicated to Alex “WAF” Lezzi! As you might expect these guys don’t disappoint and theres plenty of ridiculous two wheeled tekkers, amazing animations and a solid crew to get you hyped. Featuring Victor Campillo, Louis Jousson, Celian Cordt-Moller, Jordan Queijo, Simon Perrottet, Luca Boimond, Gabriel Zufferrey, Antoine Rauber, Will Letoaba, Floria Byrne-Sutton, Niels Schack, Stefan Brodard, Guillaume Berthet, Quentin Boillon, Ines Sebayang, Janos Herzog, Ronaldo Magno, Marcus Bruggmann and more! Filmed by Guillaume Berthet! Edited by Guillaume Berthet and Hugo Radi. Get involved below!

 Filmed + Edited by: Guillaume Berthet + Hugo Radi

Additional Filming by: Hugo Radi, Luc Boimond, Stefan Brocard,  Bobaj, Simon Perrottet, Jordan Queijo + Pierre Lebret

Animation by: Hugo Radi, Celian Cordt-Moller + Ivanlavague