MMXX – The National Skateboard Co.


The National Skateboard Co. always produce top notch edits and you can witness their new one filmed during 2020. Watch ‘MMXX’ below to see an amazing Tommy May full part (catch the footage of his mind boggling tree ollie which graced issue 18’s cover) and new recruits Victor Mputu and Joe Gavin as well as Cam Barr, Neil Smith, Andy ‘Evs’ Evans, Denis Lynn, Vaughan Jones, Greogoire Cuadrado, Tom Tanner, Dave Fucking Mackey, Michal Juras, Tom Harrison and Dan West. All chopped and screwed by big lej Ryan Gray.


Dedicated to BEN


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Tommy May – tree ollie to fakie ~ Photo: Reece Leung

As seen on the cover of the new Issue 18 which you can order here.

Filmed + Edited by: Ryan Gray