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The Ben Raemers Foundation – Torey Goodall, White collar boxing


Torey Goodall smashing it for The Ben Raemers foundation.

The Ben Raemers Foundation – SMiLe Interviews. Chris Pulman


Chris Pulman SMiLe Interview for The Ben Raemers Foundation.

The Ben Raemers Foundation – SMiLe Films Q&A 2021


The Ben Raemers Foundation SMiLe Films Q&A 2021 with Marc Churchill, Chris Pulman, Elizabeth Harte, Alex Irvine and Adam Mondon.

Converse x The Ben Raemers Foundation


Ben Raemers forever!

SMiLe Interviews. Chris Jones – The Ben Raemers Foundation


Next up for the Ben Raemers Foundation ‘SMiLe Interviews’ is Wales’ finest Chris Jones who speaks on mental health experiences he’s faced in life and what helped him cope with these issues.

Throwback Thursday – Ben Raemers ‘This N’ That’ (2007)


Ben Raemers from This N' That from 2007. Ben Raemers forever!

The Ben Raemers Fouundation – Discussing Alcohol with Lucy Raemers, Alex Irvine and Dave Noble


The Ben Raemers Foundation discuss alcohol awareness with Lucy Raemers, Alex Irvine and Dave Noble.



Enjoi have uploaded Ben's incredible part from 'Oververt'. Ben Raemers forever!

Inside The Ben Raemers Foundation – Lucy Raemers Interview


Lucy Raemers was interviewed about the incredible Ben Raemers Foundation for Fword Magazine.

Ben Raemers – Tribute Edit – @swift_blazer


@swift_blazer aka Matthew Swift has put together a tribute edit to Ben Raemers featuring footage from his parts in 'This N' That', Enjoi - 'Tweak the Beef', 'Oververt' and more.

SMiLe Interviews. Aaron Herrington – The Ben Raemers Foundation


Next up in the Ben Raemers Foundation series of 'SMiLe' interviews is Polar and Converse CONS rider Aaron Herrington where he talks about his previous struggles with mental health, alcoholism and more.

SMiLe Interviews. Nick Jensen – The Ben Raemers Foundation


The Ben Raemers Foundation have uploaded their next video with Nick Jensen (pro skater and Isle Skateboards co-founder) where Nick speaks openly and honestly about his own experiences with mental health.

The Ben Raemers Foundation: SMiLe Films Q&A


The Ben Raemers Foundation have put on recent events for their 'SMiLe screenings' which took place last week in London and Liverpool at Lost Art. The London Q&A was live streamed and available to view here if you missed it.

Right ‘Ere My Son! – 5 years in the U.K. with Ben Raemers


Ryan Gray, a good friend of Vague’s has put together a beaut of an edit of our mate Ben. Read his words and watch the tribute edit here.

The Ben Raemers Foundation – Launch Event Jam


The sun shined for Benny Boy on Sunday for the launch of The Ben Raemers Foundation at Raemers Park. Check what went down!

The Ben Raemers Foundation


Please follow the Ben Raemers Foundation.