Levi’s 501® Original Release – Paris


Levi’s Skateboarding released the 501® Original at The Community venue in Paris. For the release they hosted a photo exhibition, video premiere, showcased the new 501 and generally partied with Nathan Melja controlling the vibes. The Levi’s content featured Edouard Depaz, Val Bauer + Quentin Boillon. See below for a re-cap from the night documented by big lej Val Bauer, see Val and Edouard in the new Octagon video HERE.

Photography: Val Bauer

Edouard Depaz

Edouard Depaz's piece. Scroll >
The Levi's Skateboarding 501® Original.

Val Bauer, Quentin Boillon + Edouard Depaz.

Val Bauer’s piece.

Val Bauer next to his favourite.

Edouard Depaz next to his least favourite.

Legend displayed next to legend.

The whole set up.

Director: Joaquim Bayle

Music: Rendez-Vous