Vans Park Series 2019 – Paris (Photo Re-cap)


A photo re-cap from the weekend of madness courtesy of Vans for the Vans Park Series qualifiers in Paris (Chelles), Cosanostra skatepark as well as the Vans ‘Take It Back’ video premiere / after party. Photos feature the likes of Christian Hosoi, Helena Long, Lizzie Armanto, Jordan Thackeray, Amy Ram, Cedric Pabich, Cory Juneau, Oskar Rozenburg, Ronnie Sandoval, Yndiara Asp, Jake Wooten and many more below!

The first day was on and off rain
Amy Ram took advantage.
Vans Park Series shelter
Helena playing games while it dries off
Helena smashing it
Lovenskate producing their own customised laces to get everyone happy during the downpour
Nozbone pop up shop

Photos: Reece Leung

Jeff Grosso doing the loop. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Lizza Armanto getting a Robert Vargas portrait

Photos: Reece Leung

(Waiting for it to dry session)

Ronnie Sandoval – eggplant. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Jake Wooten – new deal. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Oskar Rozenburg – low to high backside disaster. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Jordan Thackeray – backside ollie. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Ronnie Sandoval – frontside hurricane. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Back to the bowl! Yndiara Asp - footplant.
Warm ups for the men's semi-finals. Robin Bolian - backside smith grind
Martino Cattaneo - frontside ollie

Photos: Reece Leung

Cedric Pabich – backside tailslide. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Jake Wooten - stalefish hip transfer
Robin Bolian - heelflip indy
Josh Borden - crossbone hip transfer

Photos: Reece Leung

Karl Berglind – backside smith grind. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Cedric Pabich – backside indy air. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Jaime Mateu – backside boneless. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Day two at Vans Park Series

Chloé Bernard – slash nosegrab. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Vincent Matheron warming up for the mens finals. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Romain Pabich – backside tailslide. Photo: Reece Leung

Tristan Rennie - nosegrind tailgrab
Cory Juneau - frontside nosegrind
Alex Sorgente - frontside 50-50

Photos: Reece Leung

Pedro Barros – backside 360 indy. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Roman Pabich - backside tail stall
Roman Pabich - holding up Dustin Dollin's dog thinking he'd won it...

Photos: Reece Leung

Cory Juneau – backside noseblunt. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Cory Juneau for the win
Kiss him!
Hosoi loving the banter
Corey Juneau 1st, Vincent Matheron 2nd and Roman Pabich 3rd

Photos: Reece Leung

Cash for tricks Jake Wooten - 360 flip
Chris Gregson - kickflip frontside smith grind
Steve Van Doren enjoying the show

Photos: Reece Leung

Jaime Mateu – long blindside air. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Jordan Thackeray – backside air before he did this… ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Alex Sorgente – frontside tail, pop back in. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Helena Long – ollie over the flat gap to frontside tailslide. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Hosoi steps up...
Manhead clocks him
Christian Hosoi - warm up rock n' roll

Photos: Reece Leung

Christian Hosoi – frontside ollie for the crowds. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Christian Hosoi – backside ollie to finish off the Vans Park Series in Paris. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Max Verret + Alexis Jamet
Shirt swap
Fellow Vague repper

Vans ‘Take It Back’ Video Premiere / After Party. ~ Photos: Heywood Ward