Lola + Pani – Ed Forbis Exhibition Focus


On June 15th Lola Paprocka and Pani Paul combined forces to put on an amazing exhibition and book launch at the Printspace in London. They released photos to accompany their book ‘Ed Forbis‘. See below for photos from the exhibition, details of how to get hold of their book / prints and some words from Pani Paul.

Photography: Reece Leung

Ed Forbis is a photo story about a former stunt riding cowboy for the some of the most iconic Marlboro commercials of the 1980’s.


Will Miles + Daryl Dominguez look on at Ed Forbis

After a long career as a traveling Marlboro cowboy, Ed Forbis now lives and works at the Grand Canyon packing Mules and caring for the Horses that are used by rangers and tour guides.

Now far removed from the limelight, Ed is living a simpler life, staying connected with nature and the animals.

Dan West’s take on art

This story was photographed at Ed’s current home on the south rim of The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.

The Exhibition and Book Launch took place at The Printspace on the 15th of June and was on display until the 26th of June.

Pani Paul, Mike O’Shea + Sam Dearden

The Printspace is an amazing printing house and gallery space. They are really supportive of young artists. Lola worked closely with them as they were one of the partners for the Independent Photography Festival she coordinated in May.

The books are available from HERE

and prints are available from HERE

Pani + Lola