NOTE Shop – GSD 2018 Manchester


Go Skateboarding Day kicked off in Manchester outside NOTE Shop. See our recap from the lively evening via the photo gallery below featuring Mancunian based legends such as Ben Grove, Neil Worthington, Jay Stone, Ricky Davidson, Nev, Jim Craven, Ferg, Charlie O’Donnell, Phoenix Luke, Seb Batty, Sam Pendlebury, Sam Mason and plenty more!

Nev - Kickflip
Ben Grove - Stalefish
Jay Stone - 5-0
Ricky Davidson - Frontside Flip
Young Fella - fly out towed by Ricky Davidson
Nev - Backside Flip
Ricky Davidson - Hardflip
Ricky Davidson - Gap Over to Lipslide
Seb Batty - Fakie Front Noseslide
Ben Grove - Ollie
Sam Mason - Backside 180
Ricky Davidson - Kickflip
Frontside 5-0
Ricky Davidson - There she is...BENIHANA!
Neil Worthington - Backside 5-0
Neil Worthington - Crook Bonk
Sam + Phoenix
NOTE Shop GSD 2018