Joe O’Donnell – BSC Exhibition



A review of shred-stick ripper and artist Joe O’ Donnell who exhibited his work at Bold Street Coffee in Liverpool.




Intro: Russ WeasHELL of Bold Street Coffee





Greg was cracking eggs, I was scraping dishes.

I said “Who can fill the walls as Reece has had to postpone?”

Greg says “JOE O’ DONNELL!”

I say “Who?”

He says “Do your research. If you like it I can get in touch with him.”

I think to myself…

Greg knocks up a mean breakfast and can handle a tall nollie flip.

But let just say our taste in art my differ…

Where I like Black Jacks, he’d be a fruit salad type of guy.


Sure enough though, Mr O’ Donnell’s work was solid.

Thirteen O.C.D, monochrome A3 Risograph prints on the subject of ‘Bad Luck’.

There is an 80s computer game pixel thing going on.

But closer inspection reveals depictions of sinister and more fateful observations of everyday life.

It then occurred to me.

He’s the lad who backside rolled in a pretty much vertical wall in Manchester I’d skated just weeks before.

Then the pink wheels, mannys, fast feet and Asda car park all bloomed in the my mind.

I was sub consciously already aware of Joe!

The next Morning Greg was frying bacon, I was changing a bin bag.

“What did ya think?” he says.

I replied “A Perfect New year hanging, this is gonna be a be one hell of an omelette, lets get him hung!”



Photography: Russ WeasHELL

Joe O’Donnell hanging his prints at Bold Street Coffee

Several art pieces from his series named ‘Bad Luck’.

For prints of Joe’s work visit his website:



89 Bold St, Liverpool, L1 4HF.