Oranje Article – Serious Adult


George Toland. Photo: Harry Turner

The Serious Adult crew took a trip to Rotterdam during the Spring time.

Greg Conroy, George Toland and Harry Turner told us all about it through their words, photos and videography. 

Words: Greg Conroy

Photography: Harry Turner

Glen Fox with a front lip. Photo: Harry Turner

A lot of hours are lost trekking around town trying to decide which spot to go to next, which route is best and trying to find a middle ground so everyone gets a session in at a spot they enjoy. Thankfully our 4 days in Rotterdam was a long weekend away from those mind numbing city slogs. 

Tom Delion. Photo: Harry Turner

There were two reasons for this; you can’t help but stumble upon something amazing when exploring the city and George Toland does not fuck about when pushing to the next spot. A lot of late night youtube edit binging and google street view lurking in the winter months had given us more than enough spots to keep us happy and kept George mack 10ing it to the next spot with the rest of us trailing behind, eager to see the crazy architecture in non-pixel form.

Tom Delion ollies into a steep one. Photo: Harry Turner

The local scene is tight and everyone greeted us with a grin and some local knowledge (shout out Woetur, Martijn, Ricky and Alex). The vibe is great in Rotterdam and it’s the perfect place to go with a bunch of mates and meet new ones. 


The abundance of spots in a small space will make it pretty hard for any travellers not to spend long days discovering the city and the diversity of its spots make it possible for everyone to have a good session. If you don’t want to skate the low marble ledge, walk round the corner to the gnarly foot and half wide riverside drop in. If you have time, jump on a 40 minute train to neighbouring Den Haag which is equally as welcoming and skate friendly.

George Toland’s VX captures a balancing Greg Conroy. Photo: Harry Turner

There are enough spots to keep me writing for days but I’ll let you go there and discover them for yourself, I’d rather convey how fun the trip was. Between our crew (George Toland, Harry Turner, Louis Woodhead, Tom ‘Shakes’ Delion, Leo Briggs, Glen Fox and myself) and the friends who we made in Rotterdam, I can’t remember a point in the trip that was not spent laughing and increasing the collective stoke.

After 4 days of skating non-stop into the night with constant company, sharing floors and beds it wouldn’t be hard to get exhausted and over it at some points but on the contrary the entire trip was a blast and without a doubt the best skate trip I’ve been on. 

Louis Woodhead with a risky drop in. Photos: Harry Turner

From long days to hazy nights it was a great destination and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable European skate trip. If you can find one, (The Palomino) pick up a copy of ‘Essay Zine‘ to check out some of the spots waiting for you.


I’m not sure how to sign this off and tie things up nicely so I’ll just say thanks to everyone I skated with while I was out there and I’m sorry for trying to make everyone watch the Jungle book at 3 in the morning. 

Tom Delion with a colourful back smith. Photo: Harry Turner


Featuring: Greg Conroy, Wouter Molenaar, Martijn Van Velden, Glen Fox, Tom Delion, Louis Woodhead, Harry Turner, Leo Briggs and many more. 

Filmed and Edited by: George Toland