HUF – LESION (Full Article)


We have uploaded our HUF – LESION article from Issue 11 online in full with a few extras too. Words by Josh Hallett and photos by Reece Leung + Rich West.

HUF & Vague present LESION, a video filmed by Josh Hallett & Jim Silver throughout the UK. HUF UK riders: Tom Delion, Joel Banner, Will Creswick, Mike Clarkson, Tom Zealand & Tristan Rudman feature in this edit while battling with injuries along the way. See the LESION printed article in Issue 11, get yourself a copy HERE.

Music by: Surrend + Spill Band

Supported by: HUF Worldwide + Out of Step LTD

Will Creswick – grass to grass ollie ~ Photo: Rich West

Words: Josh Hallett


Originally the idea behind this video was to film Mike Clarkson and Tom Zealand up in Leeds and put out a shared part between the two. Things didn’t really work out that way for a few different reasons. Zealand went through multiple injuries including ankle, foot, knee, head etc. and Mikey very selfishly decided to start saving peoples lives by studying to become a doctor.

Tom Delion – boardslide ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Tom Delion in Stockport
Will Creswick + Joel Banner in Salford
Josh Hallett filming Joel Banner

Photos: Reece Leung

Joel Banner – frontside tailslide ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Luckily Big Jim (Silver) gathered more of the HUF troops and brought them up north on a cold and very wet November weekend. I’m not exactly sure whose idea it was to come to Leeds at the beginning of Winter but I should probably take some of the blame. It was tough going but we managed to get a few things and then spent the rest of the time in Spoons waiting for it to dry.

Will Creswick – ride on back smith ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Will Creswick taking a dunk
The soggy aftermath
Mike Clarkson in Leeds

Photos: Reece Leung

Mike Clarkson – front crook to fakie ~ Photo: Reece Leung

After that wet weekend this video was then basically filmed over a glorious few days in Manchester, a quick visit up to Newcastle, the odd few days here and there in London and then in Yorkshire whenever I could tear Mikey away from uni life in Hull.

Mike Clarkson – ollie up, frontside grab ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Will Creswick + Joel Banner scoping the footage of Jim Silver
Guess who?

Photos: Reece Leung

Tristan Rudman – crook jam ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Injuries have been quite a big part of this video project. Zealand hasn’t really skated in about a year and then Joel…well, he was on a tear for a while and then, as you’ll have read in Vague issue 9, he had that horrendous accident (read his interview HERE).

Will Creswick – ollie ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Joel Banner out of action
Joel Banner - ollie from his interview in Issue 9 (click the link above to read)
Joel Banner - wallie melon from his Issue 9 interview (click the link above to read)

Photos: Reece Leung

Tom Zealand – hippy jump ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Thankfully they’re both on the mend and we’ll all be seeing more from them in the future. For the most though, we’ve been making do with Neil (Will) Creswick, Tom Delion, Tristan Rudman and Mike ‘Ripple’ Clarkson. They’re a good bunch and it’s always a fun time on the session. Thanks for making my job easier boys and much love to Jim for TM’ing hard and keeping everyone refreshed, fed and stoked!

Tom Delion – frontside 180 pole jam ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Mike Clarkson - switch 50-50
Tom Delion - nosegrind backside 180 revert
Will Creswick - front board pop over (Featured in Issue 10 of the mag)
Joel Banner

Photos: Reece Leung


Filmed by: Josh Hallett & Jim Silver

Edited by: Josh Hallett

Additional Filming by: Adam Todhunter, Will Miles & Bailey Marklew

Music by: Surrend + Spill Band