HUF – Classic H Tour (Video + Photo Gallery)


During the last days of the summer we ventured to 4 different cities with a rather large ‘H’ shaped ledge in association with HUF! Enjoy the clip and photos from each leg below to see what went down. Video filmed and edited by Josh Hallett along with photos by Reece Leung. Read Jimmy’s words about the project just below and a huge thanks to everyone who turned out for the events and everyone at HUF / Out of Step. Also check Powerplant who provided the music for the video!

Words: Jim Silver

In Britain, ‘H’ owes it’s name to the Normans, who brought their letter “hache” with them in 1066. Hache is the source of our word “hatchet,” probably because a lower-case H looks a lot like an axe.

With the final months of summer upon us, we brought our giant axe, in the form of a H-shaped ledge, to battle in 4 UK cities – London, Cardiff, Manchester and Leeds. Our warriors consisted of Tom ‘Shakes’ Delion, Cass Doig, Will Creswick, Ethan Watkins and Mike Clarkson. 

The locals were savages and chaos ensued, all of which is available for your viewing pleasure.

HUF – Classic H Tour – London with Slam City Skates

Gordo – wallie frontside nosegrind. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Tom Delion - wallie
Ethan Watkins - ollie over frontside 5-0
Kyle Wilson - backside nosegrind revert
Joel Banner
Tom Delion - wallie backside nosegrind
Nev - fakie 5-0
Canada Water
Charlie Arlett - backside 180 kickflip
Gordo - ollie over into the kicker
Kyle Wilson - front crook fakie
Thank you London!

Photos: Reece Leung

HUF – Classic H Tour – Cardiff with Cardiff Skateboard Club

Will Creswick – ollie over to backside smith grind. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Leo Comanescu - heelflip
Cass Doig - 180 fakie nosegrind
Jimmy Silver - 360 flip
Jack Steele - frontside kickflip
Jess Young - back 3
Leo Comanescu - heelflip
Will + Ethan
Leo Comanescu - ollie
Cheers Cardiff!

Photos: Reece Leung

HUF – Classic H Tour – Manchester with NOTE Shop

Tom Delion – ollie. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Paul Hill - ollie over backside nose blunt
Nev - 360 flip
Clare Alleaume - ollie
Nev - one foot
Seb Batty - nollie heel
Cass Doig - shifty kickflip
Nev - pop-shuv it
Armarni Rochford - nollie backside kickflip
John Bell - bin bonk
John Bell - failed attempt
Seb Batty - switch nosegrind revert
Lloyd McCleggon - frontside noseblunt
Tylar McCaffrey - front crook
Seb Batty - switch backside nosegrind
Nice one Manny!

Photos: Reece Leung

HUF – Classic H Tour – Leeds with Welcome

Mike Clarkson – heelflip. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Myles Rushforth - ollie
Victor Mputu - switch heelflip
Dale Starkie - nollie kickflip
Jimmy Boy!
Adam Smith - 360 flip
Tom Delion - hardflip
Dale Starkie - switch pop shuv-it
Adam Smith - nosegrind revert. ~ Photo: Brenna Harrap
Will Sheerin - nollie frontside heelflip
Ronnie Calow - back 3
Alan Callaghan - shuv-it heelflip
Foz - pop shuv-it
Victor Mputu - kickflip
Myles Rushforth - frontside kickflip
Dale Starkie - nollie kickflip
Liam Siddall - hardflip. ~ Photo: Brenna Harrap
Foz - switch front crook
Myles Rushforth - kickflip
Will Sheerin - switch backside 180 kickflip
Adam Smith - front shut
Myles Rushforth - frontside 180 to switch crook. ~ Photo: Brenna Harrap
Foz - shifty kickflip
Dale Starkie - back 3
Ronnie Calow - backside 180 kickflip
Foz - kickflip crook
Shaun: "57 years old!"

Photos: Reece Leung (unless specified)

HUF – ‘Classic H Tour’ video

Filmed and Edited by: Josh Hallett

Music by: Powerplant